About Me

My name is Michael Fantuz, I am an artist, with a passion for learning and exploring my primary medium of oil on canvas using only palette knives.  I was inspired to work with this unique tool after I inherited a set of knives from my fraternal Grandfather, Gastone Fantuz. 


I take great pride in producing unique artwork using the highest quality materials available.   I stretch my own canvases using Canadian kiln dried wood from renewable forests, archival and environmentally friendly hemp canvas, and professional archival grade pigments from Gamblin Artist Oil Paints.  I do not mechanically reproduce any of my artwork into prints, everything with my name on it is 100% original.

I am married to Emilie Fantuz, a palette knife artist as well.  We discovered eachother through a hashtag on Instagram (#PaletteKnifePainting)  We both have the great fortune of being represented in the same gallery, at Ian Tan Gallery in Vancouver BC Canada.  

About My Grandfather

My grandfather immigrated from Italy to Canada in the early 40's. Escaping a war ravaged home land with his brother and mother in search of peace and opportunity. Canada gave them what they were looking for. He eventually grew and established himself as very talented artist and worked for one of Canadas greatest companies, AV Roe ( aircraft design and manufacture) as a conceptual artist. His job was to draw and paint what the engineers thought of. In his spare time, he taught painting and traded his art with many people for a variety of items including the local art supply shop in Brantford Ontario Canada. 


I received an email a few years ago from a women whose parents were the owners of that art supply shop. She told me she had a painting by my grandfather, and what was more, she asked if I wanted it ! In keeping with my grandfather's traditions, I offered to trade a piece of my own art for his painting. She agreed. 

Now I proudly display my grandfather's painting where I see it every day. One of the few I've ever seen of his. ... so many have gone missing or were taken after he died.


It's overwhelming to touch the canvas he touched. To see the marks he made with his tools... to see his passion.

....I wish I could have talked with him about painting.

Im lucky that we are connected through his palette knives and easel right now, gifts from my incredible aunt and uncle.

My Tools

I inherited his palette knives and easel in 2002 from my Aunt and Uncle who recognized my passion for painting.  The overwhelming spiritual connection I have with my ancestry through those palette knives has inspired me to pursue the depths of painting.


I currently live and work near Vancouver BC Canada





I am represented by


Christina Parker Gallery in St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada

Ian Tan Gallery in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada







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"Painting seems like some kind of peculiar miracle that I need to have again and again".

Philip Guston