Artist Statement

My life has taken many turns, from different professions, such as working in oil and gas exploration, aviation, and air traffic control, to different obstacles. Yet, throughout all these twists in the road, the one remaining constant is my dedication to creating art and the powerful way the artistic process nourishes me in return.

I began voraciously practicing the technique of using palette knives with oil paint upon receiving the same palette knives my grandfather once used in his own artistic career. Just as art has always done for me, those palette knives connected me to something larger than myself — my grandfather’s memory. 

My work is a constant yearning — a reaching towards something better, deeper, larger. Just as I feel small when spending time within the expansive landscape of a mountain hike or as a viewer feels small when peering into the aerial perspectives within my art, obstacles also shrink in the introspective atmosphere of my studio.  In this way, my art has always been about perspective, whether the visual viewpoint we have of a cityscape from the window seat of an airplane or the mental outlook we have of the obstacles in our life, my art expresses the power of perspective. 

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Vancouver British Columbia, Canada



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