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Current newsletter Spring 2021

"A Work In Progress"

Quarterly Newsletter   |   Spring Edition 2021

Hello Friends,

Thank you for continuing to support my art and accepting my quarterly Newsletter, "A Work in Progress"!    I'm excited to share insights from my studio, creative inspirations, and other bits of news about my art that you might be interested in. 


In this letter, I will share what art I'm working on, updates on our October exhibit with my wife Emilie Fantuz, and a really exciting announcement!   


I hope you enjoy it!  



Recent work

The last year has been tough, but it has also gifted me a significant amount of time at home to paint.   As I explore aerial perspectives local to Vancouver for our upcoming exhibit, I am also continuing to explore images of Newfoundland including aerials and other ideas around past imagery I've referenced. Communities like Quidi Vidi, Grand Bruit, Francois and McCallum to name a few. 


I have just delivered 3 paintings to the Christina Parker Gallery in St. Johns, Newfoundland.  My first aerial of Quidi Vidi can be seen above right.  If you have a chance to view these, I would love to hear your thoughts on this direction of work.


We are hoping to travel to Newfoundland this coming summer in order to begin referencing for a proposed exhibition in 2022.  Travel restrictions could alter our plans, however, we will eventually get there and begin developing an exciting body of work that will be focused on the St. John's area!!

October Exhibit

Emilie and I are very busy painting for our first joint exhibit together at the Ian Tan Gallery in Vancouver Canada!!  This is really exciting for us as its our first time showing together with a cohesive theme, the exhibit will open on October 2 2021.   If you're interested in collecting from this exhibit, I highly recommend letting me know so that I can be sure to give you that sneak peak before its released to the public.    As you can see our studio is getting quite cramped, and we are only half of the way to our exhibit objective.  Seeing the work together in our small studio has been exciting and challenging, and further inspired us to seek out a larger studio space. 

New Studio

Probably one of the most exciting bits of news is our purchase of a new Live/Work artist studio in the beautiful downtown community of Mount Pleasant in Vancouver British Columbia.  Locally known as the creative district of Vancouver, we are really excited to become part of this unique community.  We have jokingly said to many that we were looking for a studio with a house in it, not a house with a studio in it, and we found it!  With 17 foot ceilings, street access for public viewings, concrete floors, and of course a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, what else could we need?   Oh and the building is actually named "Artworks".   We will be moving at the end of June to our new home, and we look forward to inviting you over!

I am so grateful to you, for taking time to read this letter, and allowing me to share my "work in progress".  If you have any questions, or comments, please let me know!


Take good care,

Mike Fantuz



“The most interesting thing about artists is how they live.” – Marcel Duchamp