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Current newsletter Fall 2021

Hello Friends,


Thank you for continuing to support my art and accepting my email newsletter.  


In this letter I will be sharing news about a massive mural commission that Emilie Fantuz and I completed and some more updates about our first two person exhibit at the Ian Tan Gallery in Vancouver! 


I hope you enjoy it!  


West Vancouver Odeon Mural

This past summer we had the great opportunity of painting a massive mural in the city of West Vancouver.  Commissioned by the amazing folks at the Ambleside Dundarave Business Improvement Association, we completed a 22 foot high by 36 foot wide mural of the long closed Odeon movie theatre.  A dearly loved icon of the Marine Drive area of West Vancouver, the movie theatre was a hugely popular business for most of the locals who remembered it.  We stretched our creative skillsets by taking the only image we could find of it, which was from day, and converting it to night, adding movie posters and a hugely popular AMC station wagon.  We established the year of 1977 by populating the marquee with the original Star Wars, and Saturday Night Fever (both of which were voted to be the movies by locals).  Being our first mural, we were really surprised and excited for the positive response to our work, including a full feature in both the North Shore News and Vancouver Is Awesome publications.  I will be making a longer blog post about the mural process within the next few weeks.  



October Exhibit

Our first two person exhibit, "Where Lights Meet" opened on October 2 and will be on display for the entire month at the Ian Tan Gallery in Vancouver Canada.  We were not able to host an artist reception as we had hoped, but we did have a great day hosting smaller groups of people and touring the work.   The body of work that Emilie and I created over the past year has been a fortunate focal point for us both, and seeing the work exhibited so beautifully in the gallery is an overwhelming feeling.  


We are incredibly grateful for the wonderful response to the work.


If you are considering collecting one of our paintings, this exhibit can be viewed in person at the gallery or even through an awesome 3D exhibit preview.  Link here for that


The gallery is open Tuesday-Saturday 11am-5pm

View the exhibit here



I am so grateful to you, for taking time to read this letter, and allowing me to share my "work in progress".  If you have any questions, or comments, please let me know!


Take good care,

Mike Fantuz





“An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail.” – Edwin Land


"I don't focus on what I'm up against. I focus on my goals and I try to ignore the rest." -- Venus Williams.