Between Tides

Solo Exhibition

Christina Parker Gallery, 2012

"Tide and wind and crag,

Sea-weed and sea-shell

And broken rudder-

And the story is told,

Of dreams that survive the night,

Of doors held ajar in storms."

              -EJ Pratt


“Between Tides” is a collection of mono- and poly-chromatic oil paintings, acrylics, and photographs inspired by a trip to the south coast of Newfoundland. The trip was an opportunity for me to experience the culture and society of the isolated outport community of Burgeo, east to Francois, and the abandoned community of Parsons Harbour. 


This series was developed in the months following, particularly as I reflected on the significance of the outports, the struggles of the residents for survival against the tides of change, and how they might impact our identity, both individually and collectively. 


This exhibition of my current work is representative of my interpretation of the outports. It is a symbolic representation intended to provide a catalyst for introspection into our personal struggles for clarity and meaning in our lives as we move forward in a constantly changing world of technology, demographics, and social values: between tides.